Used for Teacher Training and Admissions

Intro to Moodle (and Mountaineering)

This course is designed as a fun learning exercise to introduce students to the various elements that the BCI SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY delivers in its online courses.  

The platform is MOODLE-driven. So, if you're familiar with MOODLE, then you do not need to complete this class. Its only purpose is to develop skill and comfort in using the platform.

For the record, the BCI SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY does not charge a fee for this course, nor will it appear on any student transcript.

Using the BCI Communications Portal

The BCI SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY uses in support of its online classroom offerings through This portal supports remote proctoring of exams and video classrooms.

This short course teaches you how to utilize the features of the BCI SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY Communications Portal.

Basic Bible Competency

The Basic Bible Competency Examination (BBCE) is used by the Admission Office to measure the level of biblical skill an applicant possesses.  

The BBCE does not have any affect on the GPA, and is used for evaluation purposes only.


Using Logos Bible Software

An overview of all the key features of the Logos Bible Software used by Aidan University.