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General Admission Requirement: All students admitted to BCISOT will be required to sign a statement indicating they:

Undergraduate Admission Requirement: A copy of a high school diploma, or its equivalent, are required for admission at the undergraduate level. High school diploma not needed if student is submitting a college transcript.

Graduate Admission Requirement: An official transcript showing the completion of a course of study culminating in a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, for all levels of the Graduate Programs.

Post-Graduate Admission Requirement: An official transcript showing the completion of a course of study culminating in a masters degree, or equivalent, for all levels of Post-Graduate Programs. Post Graduate Admission shall be transferred to Aiden University and mentored by BCISOT

Credit will only be awarded upon receipt of sealed official transcripts from all previous college-level institutions. Official transcripts must be sent directly to Aidan from the issuing institutions.

BCISOT will accept student-generated copies of high school diplomas or GED diploma. It is not necessary to request official high school transcripts.

Admission to BCISOT is subject to approval by the Admissions Committee, whose decision is final.


To be considered for admission, all undergraduate and graduate students are required to submit the following to the BCISOT Admissions Office:

  1. Application for Admission, completed in its entirety.

After receipt of the application and accompanying materials, BCISOT will ascertain proficiency to determine placement in the highest program and provide the student with an evaluation letter outlining his/her recommended course of study for the major he/she has chosen.



Undergraduate students who qualify may be eligible for advanced standing via course challenge by means of documented previous experience upon completion of an examination. Credit for course challenge is available at the undergraduate level only for a maximum of 15 semester hours.

When applying for admission, those students who desire advanced standing via course challenge should request this in the cover letter. All information submitted for advanced standing via course challenge must be verifiable. An Advanced Standing Via Course Challenge Form must be completed and certified by church leadership.


Graduate students who qualify may be eligible to challenge the requirements of specific courses based upon extensive and measurable experience in the course materials and the achievement of equivalent levels of expertise with respect to the courses measured outcomes. Graduate students who wish to challenge courses for credit must submit a Course Challenge Request Form to the Academic Dean. The Academic Dean will review the request and will assign an examination process for those students who qualify.

Students who successfully complete the examination will be assigned a grade for the course. Regular tuition fees per credit hour apply to any courses which are successfully challenged. Only graduate students may challenge courses for credit. The limit for challenging courses is 6 courses for graduate programs and courses for post-graduate programs.

In no case can a student challenge more than thirty-three percent of the courses in a degree program.


Because of the biblical demands of discipleship, it is expected that all students attending BCISOT will maintain the highest standards of conviction and conduct. Although these standards may not affect one’s spiritual standing, they do strengthen the life and testimony of both the college and the individual.

Therefore, BCISOT expects the students to adhere to the same rules as the faculty and staff. Questionable practices, such as the use of illegal drugs or conduct unbecoming a Christian, are not considered acceptable - First Thessalonians 5:22 (KJV), “Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

Moreover, interactions between students, faculty and staff are expected to be conducted with respect and decorum, including comments posted in any academic forum of the BCISOT.EDU/Classroom. Individuals are free to discuss topics and disagree with one another, but are required to be respectful of others’ opinions. Ad hominum attacks or vulgar or other inappropriate language will result in academic consequences.
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